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Advertorial Disclaimer

Auvela.Online is an advertorial website that strives to provide valuable and correct information for its visitors. The sole purpose of Auvela.Online is to offer advertisement placement for different products and/or services. Auvela.Online IS NOT a direct seller of any of the products and/or services mentioned within, so for any inquiry regarding purchasing, delivery or any other related information, please contact the manufacturer directly, by using the information from the contact section on the official website, which can be found here.

Auvela.Online is part of an advertisement infrastructure owned by a digital marketing agency, which is a separate entity from the owner and manufacturer of Auvela and it is not representing the owner and manufacturer of Auvela in any way, nor its legal interests. Auvela.Online is not bound by any legal obligation to the manufacturer or owner of Auvela.

For any inquiry regarding the products advertised here, payment or delivery issues or any other claims whatsoever, please contact the manufacturer directly, by visiting their official website and by using the contact information, under the contact section, if available. We cannot respond to any issue related to the product whatsoever, as that is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, therefore any message related to it will not be addressed.